Jan 162013

Gradually my rides have become longer and it is getting easier. I still want, and need, to push them out further over the next weeks. It is surprisingly ok to ride in the heat provided there is ample water, sun protection, rest breaks and food. I did a 26km ride on a 37C day, it was hard work at times, with hot wind blowing straight into my face, but I did it and the next time I went out I did 29km. I tend to ride as fast as I can given the conditions, I need to do some practice pacing myself and being on the bike longer, as there will be some days with lots of hours on the bike in Cambodia.

Other times I take my daughter with me and she rides in her trailer. We do not do as long rides, and of course we need to stop at least once at a playground for a play, but this doubles as a rest/drink/eat stop too.

It is not always practical to go out for a ride with my little one in tow (literally), so we have some solutions set up at home as well. When I am not going out for a proper ride I can do an hour here or there on the borrowed exercise bike we have in the lounge room. Also we have an old bike set up on the back verandah on a resistance bike trainer, this way I can still do some training in the heat if I can’t get out on the bike track.

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