Feb 262013

The Cycle for Girls group leave Friday morning for Vietnam, very exciting!

Just to update on how everything is going in training and fundraising –

I’m pleased to have got to the stage where I have been consistently doing 40kms+ rides in the time available. My longest ride is 52kms, and most of these in heat as Melbourne has had quite a lot of hot weather this Summer with 30+Celsius days. It has been great to discover the bike tracks and realise how far you can get easily and safely. The difference will be that we will be doing these sorts of distances almost every day in Vietnam and Cambodia, and on a variety of terrain.

The ‘bird beak’ is rising towards $5,000 on my donation page at http://fundraise.plan.org.au/monique_senior having reached over $4,800 tonight with the second raffle funds being entered. The second raffle will be drawn tomorrow and announced here.


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