Plan Australia, breaking the barriers to girls education.


Plan Australia

Plan have been around since 1937 and now work in 50 developing countries in Asia, Africa and South America. They are a child-focused organisation working to tackle poverty and help communities develop to be self-sustaining. Plan organises child sponsorship which helps improve life for the sponsored child, the child’s family and the whole community.

Plan’s main goal is to make better the lives of children.

Plan’s Because I am a Girl campaign

Plan is working in some of the world’s poorest countries to stop early enforced marriage, empower young girls through improved education, allowing them to lift themselves out of poverty. It is recognised that girls face great barriers due to gender-based discrimination which can mean that they miss out on education, may be forced into early marriage due to families seeing this as a livelihood option, are at risk of violence, sexual abuse, serious health issues, and have little hope of escaping poverty. By keeping girls in school they have the possibility of gaining their own income which helps themselves, families and communities.

Read more here at Plan’s website.


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